Vitual Meeting OptionsWith the growth of global businesses and advancement of internet tools, virtual meetings have emerged as the preferred way of conducting business meetings. If you are looking for inexpensive tools that can help you in your endeavor, here are three tools that can make life a lot easier:

Google+ Hangouts
Google+ Hangouts is a chat service offered by Google, which enables both group chats as well as one-on-one chats. It enables video chatting with up to 10 people at the same time and face-to-face interactions, all at a very nominal cost. Some of the interesting features include no download, integration with YouTube, great looks, and ease of use. In addition, you can also share scratchpads, documents, videos, and images with the users.
Calls to the United States and Canada are totally free. Depending on the country you are calling to, and whether you are making calls to a mobile phone or landline, international fees can vary from 2 cents to a dollar every minute.

WebEx Meetings
This is another inexpensive tool offered by Cisco that lets you set up meetings online to share information, files, and expertise, all of which will enhance your company’s productivity. WebEx also offers mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. You can do everything with this tool that you would do in person within just few minutes. Since WebEx is delivered through Cisco cloud, there is high security and scalability of network. WebEx also enables uploading of checklists, presentations, agendas, and budgets.

For smaller meetings that include up to 3 people, the service is free. For a slightly larger group of up to 8 people, the premium 8 plan is ideal which would cost $24 each month with a host license and a high-definition video. The premium 25 plan enables high-definition video chatting with up to 25 people and 9 host licenses.

Fuzebox is another pocket-friendly tool for virtual meetings with high-definition video conferences that enable you and your staff (up to 12 people) to work together in an efficient manner. Other salient features include sharing of content, files, or desktop; native apps specifically designed for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC; spontaneous interface; on-screen annotation; remote control of a computer; deployment of real-time pointers; superb cloud commitment and security, etc. This tool permits you to assign selected users with permissions so that some participants are not allowed to engage with the shared content directly. Making the mics go mute during a presentation is yet another feature offered by this tool.

The cost of Fuzebox ranges between $15 and $ 69 a month. You can enjoy discounts of up to 20% when you subscribe to it annually.

All these tools offer you with a range of features that can help you to set up virtual meetings for boardroom collaboration, conducting marketing webinars, or client meetings. So, start using them to make the most of the beneficial features on offer.