google-plus-reThe National Association of REALTORS published a profile of home buyers and sellers where figures showed a growing dependence on online searches. As much as 90% of home buyers used the internet for their searches, of which almost two-thirds interviewed just a lone agent before they found the one with whom they ultimately worked. This data shows the tremendous potential for any real estate agent who has taken the time to create a substantial online presence. Among social media sites where you should make your presence felt as a realtor or real estate broker, Google+ should feature high on your list of priority. Though most realtors consider it to be a mere social media site, it’s a lot more than that. Apart from being a social media site, Google+ is a lucrative chance to boost your SEO, and a platform to communicate and publish your thoughts, opinions, news and other useful snippets. Many consider it to be an open invitation from Google to craft personal and business profiles that are linked incredibly and can be searched and found like no other platform. Wondering how you can leverage Google+ for your real estate business? If yes, here are some tips to help you:

Create a business page
Start by creating your Google+ business page then choose the type of your business (Shop Front, Service Area and Brand). In case your business has multiple locations, you can manage all these locations via your business page. In case your real estate business profile on Google is up to date, you can use your business phone number to pull details of your real estate business and get started in a jiffy. With your Google+ business page, you can ensure improved exposure to your real estate website, which is verified by Google. It’s also advisable to create a personal profile on Google+ as this will help you get AuthorRank, which would assist in building authority and credibility, thus bringing visible exposure for the content you create.

Use relevant keywords
Did you know that your Google+ profile is evaluated by Google for relevant keywords? This is done to understand what you do/offer in order to display the same to people who are looking for such products/services. Therefore, use industry relevant keywords (such as senior housing broker LA, single family homes AZ, California condos for rent etc) in the first sentence of each of your posts. Since this section is also part of the title tag (which has valuable SEO influence in search engine rankings), never post something without the relevant keyword right at the beginning. In your profile’s ‘about’ section, make sure to have crisp and keyword-rich sentences.

Post regularly
What separates Google+ from most other social media sites is followed links. Google+ posts and pages not only accumulate page rank, but distribute link equity as well because inbound links to posts are followed. That each post gets a unique url, is indexed and crawled almost immediately, has SEO relevance for the anchor text and can accrue internal links from the Google+ platform on being re-shared are other factors that demand you to post regularly. Doing this will let you build AuthorRank, which is especially helpful if you are a content contributor to your own site as well as to others.

Engage and grow your audience
Check to know how to create and engage your communities by sharing useful, interesting content, in addition to hosting Hangouts On Air to live-stream and record your video calls that encourage conversations with your audience. You can also get useful insight with Ripples that help identify influencers and trends, which you can use to fine-tune your real estate marketing campaigns. Adding a Google+ badge to your website is another important step to share your content, invite followers and engage with them, all of which will improve your online presence and get you closer to your target clientele.

Get noticed
Choosing to show comments on your YouTube channel, which are currently powered by Google+, can help promote your brand. Using relevant keywords and hashtags in your ad campaigns or page are other ways to move up the search results and get noticed. You can check to get more ideas about how to do this right.

By utilizing Google+, you get an opportunity to influence the search results of thousands in your immediate and extended circles, many of whom are likely to convert into your clients and business partners. Since the platform is showing a steady momentum that’s not likely to change sometime soon, it’s the ideal time to join the bandwagon and use Google+ to boost your real estate business.


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