facebook-real-estateSince almost every business is leveraging the power of social media these days, realtors too shouldn’t shy away from doing the same. In case you have your eyes set on Facebook, it pays to know about a few do’s and don’ts seasoned professional have utilized before you start creating your business page or plan your Facebook marketing campaign. You should remember the words of leading social media strategist and marketing expert Jason Falls: "The more sales oriented you are, the less human you become." In today’s world, that often equates to fewer sales or at least a poor long-term sales strategy. The more human you are, the less businesslike you become. If you forget about business in that existence, you will suffer as well. It takes one to fuel the other.

Your Facebook page should, therefore, be a balanced blend of personal tidbits and business promotion. The following tips can help you leverage the platform to the optimum:


Have a complete profile: First impressions last the longest and this is true for your Facebook profile. Therefore, take time to create a complete profile where you list the name of your business, its address, contact number etc and even add something about what your business is all about. You may also use the “elevator speech” for business description to give it some zing. An elevator speech refers to the 10-second description of yourself that you would give in an interview. Thus, you can use the same, albeit with a twist, to make your Facebook page stand out from the rest. You can also connect your personal profile to your business page to give it a face.  Since Facebook is primarily for friendship and sharing, not so much for business promotion and selling, you need to be a personality to connect with people and generate their interest in your offerings.

Be searchable: Ensure to make your privacy settings in such a way that certain elements of your business page are visible to all and also accessible by search engines. This will make your business page rank higher in search results and allow your potential clients to know a little about your business. This way, they can decide if they would like to hire your services to buy or sell property. After all, you should make it easy for people to find you.

Get your unique business url: While creating your business page, you can get a unique Facebook web address like http://www.facebook.co/yourcompany, which will help your business show up in the right search results, in addition to making it easy for people to find your page.  

Be where your clients are: As a realtor, you should want to be where your present and potential clients are. Therefore, focus on the community in which you do real estate business (which could be either be buying or selling) as well as the local economic environment. This will help you reach your clients and build a trusting relationship with them. When you spend time to develop social media connections with people who live where you sell real estate, you will be able to expand your local reach in the community as well. This will eventually give your business a big boost.

Include relevant keywords: In your posts, images, infographics etc, always use relevant keywords that a client might search to find real estate brokers or agents in the region where you do business.

Focus on quality, not quantity: Focus on the connections that will provide your business with value. Don’t make connections just for the sake of it. Rather, connect with real estate experts and relevant companies that have many followers and would add value to your network.

Start two-way conversations: Since your Facebook business page is an extension of your business, you need to engage with people who matter the most. You can employ a balanced blend of useful tips and information, business updates, funny quotes and infographics, polls etc to engage your customers on mobiles, smartphones and desktops.


Use complex posts: Don’t opt for overly complicated posts. To connect with your community, the most efficient way is to keep your posts short and bring in some interesting, useful, funny elements from time to time to break the monotony of talking and sharing about your business offerings.

Focus on real estate alone: If you write only about real estate, people may get bored and eventually stop following/listening to you. Rather, you should focus on the community that will generate interest for a greater population.

Go overboard with self-promotion: Don’t ask for business on Facebook right after you have created your page. Take time to develop connections and mutual trust and then, you can start talking about real estate services that you offer. However, remember not to go over the top with your business promotion.

Fake it: If you aren’t interested in a conversation or a topic, don’t fake it. If you force your conversations, people will know when you aren’t real and shun you.

Bury business ethics: You shouldn’t target the clients of other realtors on their business pages or personal profiles as this isn’t what good business ethics is all about.

Sending mass friend requests: Don’t send mass friend requests to anyone and everyone. Choose carefully with whom you wish to connect and then add a personalized message, mentioning about you and your business, to help them know you a little bit.

Plan the wrong way: You shouldn’t replace your money-generating activities with your Facebook marketing campaign. Since social media activities take time to show results, you should use time spent on Facebook to complement your money-generating activities.

As you start using Facebook business page to get more clients for your real estate business, you will get a better idea of what to do and what not, to leverage this social media platform the best.

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