Millions of people use social networking sites everyday for various reasons. While some use them to stay connected with friends and family, some others leverage them for business or career. As more and more people are spending virtually every waking minute on some or the other social networking sites, using their computers, mobile devices and smartphones, businesses find this a great opportunity to use these sites to stay connected with their existing clientele, while attracting potential clients as well. If you have a real estate business, here are some social networking sites that you should target to take your business to the next level:


General Social Networks

Facebook: You can either create an individual profile or a business page (with relevant information about yourself/your business, photographs etc), after which you can connect to other users/businesses with similar interests, experiences etc. Make your posts fun, interesting, useful and thought-provoking to encourage people to come back and even share them with those in their own networks.

Twitter: At this microblogging site, the key is to communicate your desired message in a short, precise way within 140 characters. When you post on Twitter, you can include hyperlinks to your real estate website or blog, which will take people interested in your offerings right to your sales/opt-in page. However, you should encourage people to engage with you/follow you by sharing useful tips, local real estate information, great deals and discounts and other such things that can act as conversation starters. The best way to leverage Twitter is to find people in your community and start reaching out.

LinkedIn: This is a professional network and believed to be the best bet for expanding your real estate business. You can build a network of past friends, colleagues, bosses, clients and industry experts. With three degrees of separation, you can reach out to a huge extended network of your first connections. Even the ‘Answers’ section can help you craft a reputation as an industry expert if you start answering questions asked by others. Another way to use LinkedIn is to ask people (your past clients/bosses/colleagues/project managers etc) to endorse you and write recommendations of your work. You may even consider joining relevant groups on LinkedIn (such as the National Association of REALTORS) where you can meet like-minded people and share/test ideas with others in the industry. 

Google+: This fast growing social network gives realtors an opportunity to share and engage in conversation with others. You can create “circles” such as “Real Estate Agents in Arizona’, ‘CA Local Connections’, ‘Family’ etc where you add your connections to keep groups of people having a similar attribute together. You can also create a business page specifically for your real estate ventures.

Social Networks for Realtors

The following are social networks targeted specifically to bring those in the real estate business together:

ActiveRain: This social network offers referral building and networking opportunities for real estate professionals and their clients. The objective of this platform is to help empower people by providing requisite tools, which they can use to promote their real estate business and connect with peers all over the country. Thus, even the newest of real estate professionals can use it to ensure that s/he is found on the Internet.

Real Town: This is one of the most respected and oldest real estate networks, which features a variety of online communities as well as an extensive bouquet of community created content including real estate related articles from syndicated columnists, industry experts, RIS Magazine, NAR, vendors and the members.

Flipping Pad: Designed exclusively for real estate investors, this is a great site for you to build relationships with other real estate investors, be in your locality or across the country. On this site, you can list your Pads (flips) quite easily.  In case you are a wholesaler or a rehabber, this site can help a lot by bringing new leads your way and giving you an opportunity to network.

Photography and Video Sites

Pinterest: This social bookmarking site lets you create boards to share various aspects of your business and elicit interest of prospective clients. Starting from listing best practices of your industry via infographics to sharing images of property you want to sell, useful tips, tricks and information etc, you can do a lot on this platform.

YouTube: This video-based social network can help you showcase your images and videos with voiceovers to get to the forefront of relevant real estate searches made online. Remember to use keywords specific to your business and create compelling videos or slideshows to grab eyeballs.

Flickr: This is a social networking site and a storage place for photos, rolled into one. You can use it to post pictures of your locality where you do business as well as property images to help people find them and get inquisitive.
You can also find several online real estate news sites, which offer varying degrees of social media elements as part of their services, such as  RIS, REALTOR Magazine, Inman, Realty Times, NRN and NewsGenius, to name a few.

So, take your pick from these social networking sites and start using them to create an online presence for your real estate business, in addition to building an efficient marketing channel to promote you offerings.

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