thing-a-ma-bobMarketing a product is difficult. It becomes more so if no one is aware of or hasn't ever heard of the service or product that you wish to launch. Since your target audience has simply nil or very little understanding of what the product/service is that you are about to offer, and may not have any idea about your business, you must put in a little extra effort to help make your target clients understand and eventually appreciate your business and its offerings. If you are clueless about where to start from, here are some quick and easy tips to follow:

Find out the right approach and follow it religiously: Don't go with conventions. Avoid following methods that are cliché. Since the product or service that you are offering is not something very traditional, following the conventional methods of marketing products won't do any good. For instance, if you offer mobile applications for events, make sure you clarify who can use it, and how they can benefit the most from your product. Consider explaining why it is essential to develop a mobile app for all the available platforms like Windows, BlackBerry, IOS and Android. The key is to do thorough research about the behavior of your target audience, try to figure out how much knowledge they have about the related aspects and act accordingly.

Education is important: Educating your audience is one of the most important tasks that you have to do in order to market your product/service. Determine who comprise your target market and then educate them with informative stuff like videos, images and infographics. Make sure that these materials clearly state the purpose of offering this product or service and why your customers should use it. Consider engaging your target customers on different online platforms as this will not only help you explain the features of the product/service, but also generate interest among people about your offerings.

Create a buzz: Since people are not familiarized with the product/service that you are going to offer, you should create a buzz and ensure that your target clients hear about it as frequently as possible. Too much repetition will create familiarity, as a result of which they will be curious to know about the product/service and its varied features. There are a number of affordable advertising solutions that continue re-appearing (like Guerrilla text ads on Google and other search engines of your choice) and can help you establish the brand in your customers' mind. Try to be regular on different social media platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and post fresh and unique content about your offerings. You can also try attending several events and conferences frequently in order to make your brand and offerings popular.

Target specific demographics with your ads: For Facebook ads, use ad targeting options while pinpointing the “interest targeting” attribute to ensure that people having an interest/searching for something similar to your offerings are seeing your ads. For your YouTube videos, find people who may be interested in watching your videos and buying your product and run your ads there. Remember – you have to target specific demographics, find where your target clientele visit online, and pinpoint those places (websites, search engines, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites etc) to run your ads.

Rely on statistics and facts: It is just not possible to argue with a report that is well researched and includes valid figures and facts. Consider doing a thorough market research and include the facts and statistics in your promotional content. This will make the marketing material more credible and inspire confidence both in your business as well as your offerings. Make sure to mention the source of the external information that you are using. It is also advisable to mention the date and other details, when needed. If you are using any images, figures or graphs, ensure that they are both copyright-free and royalty-free.

For an innovative product/service that no one has heard of, you won’t get any direct inbound search that you can capitalize on. However, you need not despair as you can use the tips above to market your unique new offering. So, plan your advertising and marketing campaigns on these lines and execute them successfully.