realtors tips for using facebookReal estate marketing has always been about connecting with people and selling them their dream homes. Over the years, changes in technology have ensured a shift in real estate marketing techniques. Most businesses in this domain these days have their focus strictly on the virtual world. The advent of social media marketing, especially on sites like Facebook, has further opened a brighter and wider future for real estate marketing in the virtual world. However, as with any other kind of marketing, it is important to implement innovative and unique ideas when marketing your real estate business using Facebook.

Here are five simple yet innovative ways in which you can use Facebook to market your real estate business and make it profitable:

Use more pictures and videos: Real estate marketing is all about visuals and the more visuals you use, the more attractive it will be to your followers. Pictures and videos are the best ways to get information across to your followers in the most interesting way. Additionally, interesting pictures help convert even the most boring information into something interesting and fun. For instance, if you have a post on statistics, adding a graph or a funny picture makes it fun for the readers whilst also being informative. There are several tools available today to help you post videos and photos easily. While you can definitely use the Facebook and the YouTube tools, you can also explore options like Instagram, Vine etc., which are great ways to add videos and pictures to your Facebook page.

Useful content and tips: While it is essential to make your followers aware about the various listings, it is equally important to build a relationship with them. This can be done by posting content and tips that your readers will find interesting and useful. These could be about home décor or could be pictures of two different home scenarios or even home inventions and trends that are in vogue. It is important to keep these posts short and often accompanied by pictures to make them interesting and attractive.

Neighborhood details: Real estate marketing is not solely restricted to selling homes. Rather, it includes selling neighborhoods as well. Therefore, it is imperative that you include small snippets or details about the various neighborhoods in which you have listings available. These could include interesting anecdotes, some special facts about the neighborhood, celebrities living there, if any, and other similar facts and snippets. You should make these posts short, crisp, interesting and to the point. Using photographs of celebrities living in the area or posting pictures of famous places, including restaurants, theaters, parks, museums etc are great ways to promote the neighborhood. Additionally, you can always talk about the various special features offered by the neighborhood in question, including factors like safety, availability of various resources etc.

Using Events and Weird Holidays: Another great way of ensuring that you are well connected with your followers is to showcase the events that are popular or forthcoming in the neighborhoods where you have listings. This would make your posts interesting and would definitely attract more traffic to your website. Additionally, you could create custom made graphics using your brand and tag it with some interesting yet weird holiday that is related to your industry. The internet will reveal several such holidays, which you can use to make your posts and brand more interesting.

Personal connection: Real estate marketing is all about how well the buyers connect with the seller. In the brick-and-mortar world, this is extremely easy as you directly meet and greet your clients. However, in the virtual world, this may become difficult, as you are only known through your page. Therefore, it is important to share information about your life as a real estate professional with your followers to make it seem real and stay connected. Also, take note of special events (birthdays, birth of a baby, anniversary etc) in the life of your followers and make sure to wish them. This will keep your name on top of their minds when they think about buying or selling a house.

While these are some of the important ways in which Facebook can be used by real estate marketing professionals, it is by no way an exhaustive list. However, this is a good place to start your journey while adding other ideas along the way. So, put on your thinking cap, blend some creativity with fun and information to make, and use the tips above to make the most of Facebook for driving traffic and getting leads for your real estate business.


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