Choosing Keywords for Your Website

An important aspect of search engine optimization is the use of keywords. Well-placed keywords can greatly improve your rankings on search engines. Choose your keywords carefully, the success of you site depends on it! The words you choose make a big difference on the internet. Keywords that are not competitive don’t receive many searches.

Few tips to choose the right keywords
Look at your list of keywords, and choose a few of the keywords that appeal to you or that already show on the page, load them into a keyword research tool:

Optimize your keywords
Tools such as Word Tracker and Google’s Keyword Tool can help you determine which keywords you want to optimize. In order to optimize your site for search engines use location based keywords, such as: "Pillsbury Foods UK or Pillsbury Foods (town/city)" to avoid confusion. Don't try to target multiple locations with one page!

Action based keywords
These keywords are particularly useful for e-commerce sites because they are likely to be queries from users that are being researched: "Buy Pillsbury Foods"

Property based keywords such as: "Cheap Pillsbury Foods, Reliable Pillsbury Foods, Fiber rich, Pillsbury Foods"

Brand name keywords
If the product you are marketing has a strong brand name or is popular in the market or of renowned quality then brand name keywords are worth targeting.

When writing your keywords, DON'T:

  • Stuff hundreds of keywords on each page (10 words/phrases is a good amount)
  • Use the same keywords over and over again on each pages metatags
  • Hide keywords on your site using white-on-white text
  • Use keywords that don't pertain to the content on the pages

Do a keyword count to know what your customers are looking for. Keyword count is the most competent way of doing customer research. Organize your web site in such a manner that the higher count (10,000) products/ services come before the lower count ones (5,000). Keyword count will give you an idea as to how you need to structure your web site’s sales and response path. Your site will have to contain considerable keyword content on several pages where you describe your best products /services.

By following the above advice, you will not only know which keywords your customers are using when searching the Internet, but what product/services/features they are looking for. Best of all, you have identified breakthrough opportunities to get you on the first page of search engine results.

If you’re having trouble doing the above your self, Studio1c will help you do your research and keyword selection, manage your internet marketing and (SEO). We can tweak your site and monitor its content. Not only can we do that, but we can explain each aspects importance in layman’s terms.

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