Measuring Your Brand's Social Media Health

social media healthBusinesses are taking advantage of social media sites to endorse their business ventures and it’s no reason why. Social media presents a myriad of opportunities that can be lucratively used for networking, advertising and building customer relations. Social media can also be effectively used to figure out your brand’s social media health. Your brands popularity can be monitored and company incentives changed and restructured to suit consumer tastes.

5 steps that can be used to measure the social media health of your brand:

Set a goal: Before you measure your popularity and positioning on the social media scale, you need to be sure of why you are using social media in the first place. Determining your objective is the first step towards figuring out your future plans and also provides a basis on which to measure the work that you do. For e.g. in case you are promoting awareness, metrics such as voice share, public reach, readership and public commitment with content are what you should be looking at. If increasing customer satisfaction is your goal, you will need to improve support using the figures from surveys of public opinion and make the rate of resolution of queries or complaints faster. To create better products, you need to stay on top of the current market trend, which in turn means that you will have to do extensive market research. On the other hand, if your goal is to develop customer advocacy, you need to look into your brand advocates and how their influence can help your product or service.

All your departments need to be in sync: To make your brand work through social media, all your departments should be aligned to work in the direction of a common goal. Each department must understand its specific role in achieving a common goal and then perform accordingly. To ensure that this method is a success, your company needs to have a comprehensible system wherein the departments can communicate with each other so that there is no gap in the understanding of how the company processes run.

Keep the context in mind: Metrics without relevant context are worthless. The metrics should always be studied in the context of your competition.

Choose your platform carefully: As with monitoring, the right instruments are important in carrying out your strategies. While selecting a social media platform, you need to know the exact type of platform that’s best for your offerings, have a clear understanding of what kind of data you will use, your budget, the ease of use of your platform and other such aspects.

Conduct Audits: An audit of your social media platform is necessary to see where you stand against your competitor. It will help you to know how well your brand building and business development activities are working and also point out the areas where you need to concentrate more to take your business to the next level.

A few other areas such as which platforms are doing better, what campaign line is more effective and the reason behind negative spikes also need to be explored in order to ensure that your brand has a healthy image. So, measure your brand’s social media health regularly to enjoy continued success.

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