QR Codes - 5 Useful Applications in eCommerce

QR codes or Quick Response codes are a new variety of barcodes, which are used to transit more information than traditional barcodes. The traditional barcodes having vertical striations are designed to encode data based on a horizontal plane in between the lines. However, QR codes can store data on horizontal as well as vertical planes. When used appropriately, QR codes help in giving e-commerce an expanded reach in terms of consumers.

Below are five ways by which QR codes can be effectively used to improve business in the e-commerce segment:

Segmenting email lists: QR barcodes can be scanned by smart phones and enable the user to visit the advertiser’s website directly. QRs can be places anywhere you like including clothes, pages and walls. Almost all QR codes redirect the scanners to the website at first and then provide all the other information. QR codes are a new technology and most users trying them are learning to use as they go. Such users have a better chance of being technologically savvy and will respond well to email marketing. Making the landing page easier to navigate using buttons and links, which facilitate purchase, will act as an added bonus to your business, especially if you sell a wide range of products.

Banking on curiosity: Since QR codes are encrypted information sources, most people are curious about what they say or what kind of information they can reveal. The curiosity pull alone brings in a lot of potential clients. Using QR codes lends a sort of mystery to marketing, which is beneficial since it grabs more attention. Moreover, since this is a new technology, the way it works will be of interest to many people. Basically, having a QR code is going to get a lot of attention, which in turn will bring in good revenues for your business.

Use in social media: QR codes can also be used by companies to direct potential consumers to the company’s Twitter account or Facebook page, thus leading to social media advertising. The codes can be used as URLs to customize tweets, which show up on the consumer’s account. Doing this makes it easier for the company to inform consumers about various offers and promotions.

Tracking the print media: QR codes can be used with a tracking URL to measure the effectiveness of traditional print advertising. Traffic from a QR code embedded URL will be a measure of a print campaign. The measurement may not be perfect, but it will give you an idea of the overall performance of the campaign.

Connecting business & management: Consumers in stores can scan the codes on products and utilize discounts, contests and other offers. Thus, they can help businesses capture the store traffic as well. Having a good store customer base will help in building your online customer base.

Using QR codes may not see a huge response from the beginning itself, but as the number of smart phone users increase, you can expect a huge response from your consumer base and soon experience a huge revenue boost to your business.

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