Calculating Web Site Visitors to Judge Site Performance

A common question asked by most eCommerce marketers and owners is the optimum number of visitors, which proves how well a site is doing. The answer is widely variable depending on the products or services being sold, the company size, the sector which the company belongs to, and the target audience. For example, a small B2B company consisting of around 10 employees and getting a hit of 124 visitors each week can be termed as having an average performance.

The calculation of website statistics serves as a vital data source, which gives you an insight into what works for a site and what does not. You can judge the popularity of your site by counting the number of hits, which your site generates. To calculate the number of your site visitors, you need good statistics generators to determine your hit counts.

Calculating traffic hits is easy since there are plenty of services which can be used for that purpose:

Google Ad Planner: This is one of the best traffic calculator tools providing comprehensive and accurate data. Google Ad Planner can be used to know the traffic hit from any website across the world. Using Google Ad Planner lets you compare your traffic to that of similar sites worldwide and judge if you are getting the appropriate number of visitors to your site.

Trends: Google Trends uses the stored data from Google search engines, third party research sources, and Google Analytics to give an accurate estimate of the number of visitors your site generates in a week.

StatBrain: StatBrain provides one of a kind service, which claims to give a daily reading of the number of visitors which a site gets.

Compete: Compete provides traffic hit data from US only. It is useful if you are based in the US but unless you can compare the data to that collected from various sites worldwide, it is not of much use.

Technically, hit counts cannot be used to measure the popularity of a site. But webmasters find the information helpful since it can be used as a research tool for finding ways to improve the site. In order to know how many visitors your site is getting, it is better to keep track of IP addresses. An individual may log in several times a day and visit your site, which gets your site more hits, albeit from the same person. Tracking IP addresses lets you know the number of people who visit your site and is a more accurate measurement of your site visibility.

To increase site visitors, you can get a good log analysis done. A log analysis ranks the pages according to their popularity. If your page appears far below others, it means you need a different approach towards marketing your product or services. You can use the data from your research to redesign your site and present a refreshed version to the consumers.

With a little work and research, you will soon have a successful site running, which will get more than enough site visitors to keep its popularity high.

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