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We are a digital design and marketing agency founded in 2007 serving clients throughout the world.

No frills or over inflated prices. No expensive high rise lofts. Simple, detailed design that sells.

Currently, we have a strong and growing customer base that comes from Salt Lake City, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. The firm includes designers, writers, SEO specialists and website developers.

Our mission is to create custom high-quality designs that cater to each clients unique requirements. Our experienced team provides print design, marketing, ongoing SEO, website development, hosting, website maintenance and much more.

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Quick Comparison Among Top Social Media Platforms

Comparing top social media sitesDid you know that over 900 million users around the world use Facebook, which is closely followed by Twitter (555 million) and YouTube with a viewer base of 490 million? Google+ ((170 million), LinkedIn (150 million), Pinterest (11.7 million), Tumblr and Digg come next in the list.

When you consider monthly visits on top social networking g sites, Facebook with 7012.9 million is the leader, followed by Twitter (182 million), Google+ ((61 million), LinkedIn (85.7 million), Pinterest (104.4 million).

When it comes to the male-female ratio, women are found to be more active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, where the ratio is pegged in their favor at 60% (against 40% of males), 57% (against 43% of males), and 68.2% (against 31.8% of males) respectively. 63% of males use Google+ against 37% of females, while for LinkedIn, the male-female ratio stands at 55%-45%. The sex ratio of users for Digg is 60-40 in favor of males. 

Comparison based on age demographics

Social networking sites

13-17 years

18-25 years

26-34 years

35-44 years

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While Tumblr is good for reaching out to people belonging to the 18-34 years’ age group, Digg users mostly belong to the age group of 21-34 years, with a few belonging to the age group of 14-21 years.

With such statistics, it is obvious that you ask questions regarding the disparity in user stats amongst these social media platforms. In order to understand why one particular social networking site is more popular than the other, it is important to understand the basic aspects of each site and compare it with the other. Here is a brief comparison of these social networking platforms that is aimed at giving you an idea of how things work with a hope that it helps you choose the best one for your needs.

Overview of top social media platforms

Before choosing a social media platform to meet your business needs, it is important to understand the different and popular platforms and how they differ. The most popular platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Digg, Tumblr and YouTube. Here is a brief overview of all the platforms.

Facebook: If you are looking for brand exposure and building customer relations, this the perfect social media platform. Here you can create your own profile, exchange messages and stay updated on the recent happenings. However, the only drawback is the fact that this site is not SEO friendly, largely because Google does not consider Facebook shares as a separate part of their ranking algorithm. However, this does not mean that you cannot make Facebook SEO friendly. Choosing an appropriate page name and using keyword rich content in your About Us and information sections, can definitely add SEO value to your page.

Twitter: If you are looking for ways to respond to your customers quickly, Twitter is your best friend. However, given that most people tend to abuse such instantaneous means of communication, there is a large follower drop out issue that comes hand in hand with this site. . This is largely because the website is extremely strict against spammers and data inconsistencies. 

Pinterest: This social photo sharing site has steadily gained followers and you too can use its virtual pinboard service to grab eyeballs on the World Wide Web. Some recent statistics have shown that 72% to an astounding 97% of its user base is female. So, businesses targeting females can definitely use this site to their advantage.

LinkedIn: This site displays an almost even ratio of female and male users, who use it to connect with peers and other business professionals. Many companies these days even use this site to hire new employees or do some research on their prospective candidates before offering them a position.

Google+: Although a recent addition, this is a great place to interact with your customers. However, the only drawback is that not many people are onto this networking platform, which could make it difficult for you to reach a wide clientele base.

YouTube: If you are seeking promotion through video blogs or tutorials etc, this is the perfect way to reach out to your customer base. However, you might find it difficult to direct traffic back to your website from this site. However, you can always use the annotation feature in YouTube to add a call for action button, directing your viewers to go to your website. Interlinking your videos on YouTube with some annotations is the only way you can easily direct traffic from your video to your site.

Tumblr: This is a great site if you are planning on reaching out to the 18 and 34 year old demographic. This site is even good if you wish to reach out to people under the age of 18. 

Digg: This is excellent for brand exposure but not so good for customer interaction.

How to begin

When comparing different social media platforms for your business, it is equally important to understand how to begin each journey. Given that each social media platform is different from the other, it is obvious that each website will have its own set of do’s and don'ts to follow.

Similarly, it is equally obvious that each site will have its own set of lingo and jargon that you need to know and understand before attempting any successful social media intervention. However, most sites have their own tutorials and guides that will help you in this regard.

Understanding the value of each social media platform is extremely essential before going onto using it for your business. This brief comparison is primarily aimed at helping you develop that basic understanding. Undoubtedly, identifying your needs, in terms of what social media intervention you require, is the basis to successful marketing campaigns.

What Our Clients Say

  • Thanks to studio1c's skill and creativity my website is now at the top of google's search engine after only 2 1/2 months. My online gift certificate sales have increased by more than 70% and overall my profits have greatly increased.

    —Becky Manor

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