totumlinkWe love creating for startups! TotumLink is a startup needin branding, marketing materials, ecommerce registration website design and a strong online presence leading up to, and through the launch.

Challenge: Getting noticed by schools and corporations that a Clinical Mental Health Counselor was offering a new for onsite mental health.

Response: Working closely with the CEO and partners, we created a clear and consistent direction for their brand.


  • Ecommerce event registration website development
  • Aggressive social media marketing campaigns
  • Development of style sheet, marketing collateral, menus and in-house materials
  • Create industry specific online accounts to build presence in the market
  • Formation of email marketing drip campaign, presence & continually growing customer database
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Develop strong local online and print presence
  • Creative direction overseeing website, creatives and social media presence

totumlink proposal

totumlink web


totumlink website

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